This is a project that aims to demystify what the Yggdrasil network is like. Currently the only thing we have here is a map of the spanning tree subset of the network. The full source code is at GitHub.

Network map

The network page has a map of Yggdrasil's spanning tree as it is now. The map is not complete since it is hard/impossible to get a full picture of the network, and it only includes the minimum subset of links needed to construct the spanning tree. The known nodes and tree coordinates are taken from Yakamo's API. Node names can be configured by setting a "name" field in NodeInfo, or from Yakamo's node list as a fallback.


This project was forked from zielmicha's fork of Randati's fc00. The yggdrasil developers can be contacted over matrix or IRC, for more info see: yggdrasil-network.github.io.